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I’m Tom and I am a Professional Therapist at Chorlton Counselling

I offer a free introductory session.

This is the chance for us to get to know each other a little, for you to get a flavour of the way that I work, and for us to discover whether we might work well together.

In my view, it is important that this session is face-to-face and free of charge. It takes place at my house, in Chorlton.

My Education

I completed diplomas in Integrative Therapy (distinction) and Hypnotherapy (distinction) in 2012.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS).

I hold a BA in Philosophy (Essex University) and MA in Novel-writing (Manchester University).

My Experience

Before becoming a professional therapist, I worked, as a support worker, in a forensic mental health unit (one year), detox centre (five years), and rehab (six months).

I also spent one year volunteering with “Manchester Mind” and two years working as a voluntary counsellor, in a rehabilitation centre.

Knowing that I wanted to work independently, in private practice, I set up Chorlton Counselling in 2012 and have not looked back.

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life”

From the film, The Hours

Family is at the centre of my life.

My partner, our son; my mother, my father; two brothers, one sister and their children.

I spend a lot of time with my son, playing Yahtzee or playing football, reading, walking, talking and debating.

I learn at least as much from him as he does from me.

I read a great deal

Novels, philosophy and psychotherapy, (accessible) science and the occasional biography. I always have a book on the go.

I ran the Manchester Marathons of 2021 and 2024. I intend to go again in 2026.

I love playing and watching football and support Sheffield Wednesday. Yoga is central to my life, as are cups of strong, black tea. I often enjoy socializing; time alone is also invaluable. I am vegan.

“Music is a passion (and sometimes an addiction).”

I love Branford Marsalis, PJ Harvey, Gilla Band, Autechre and playing the piano (improvising, tentatively).

Usually, I feel OK.

Usually, I feel OK. Sometimes, happy. Occasionally, joyful. At times I’m sad, low, troubled, frightened, confused. To feel better, I work hard at nourishing myself. Often this nourishment is available through chores, physical activity, prayer or  human contact, rather than the more obvious forms of comfort.

Therapy has been central to my life, since I found the right therapist, in c1995. I would not be a therapist myself if I had not experienced decades of valuable, (and sometimes, seemingly, “useless”) therapy.

My life has meaning.

I invite you to search and strive for, and perhaps to create, your own meaning.

Contact Me Today

Simply fill in the form and I shall get back to you. Alternatively use the contact details shown below.
07969 571 117