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Hypnotherapy at Chorlton Counselling

Hypnotherapy starts with the stilling of the conscious mind, through relaxation and gentle, repetitive suggestion.

You will be sitting in an armchair and you will allow your eyelids to close, when you are ready. Once thus relaxed, the unconscious can be addressed.

Therapeutic suggestion, for example: Cigarettes and Vapes are poison, you have no more need of them – Let yourself go, relax and enjoy social gatherings – Feel the fear of a past trauma, it will not overwhelm you – finds fertile ground in the unconscious. It is here that fears lurk. Here that unwanted and redundant habits are backed by irrational, unhelpful belief systems.

Hypnotherapy is a joint enterprise, involving you, the client, and me the therapist. Nothing significant will happen if you do not want it to, if you resist the work. However, if you really are willing to address those lurking fears, prejudices, outmoded beliefs and damaging habits hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool. Yes, hypnotherapy does work.

Additionally, hypnotherapy has the advantage of providing a quick intervention. If it is going to work, hypnotherapy is likely to do so within four or five sessions. Occasionally, we work for longer periods, in conjunction with psychotherapy. The latter tends to be when the issues are more multiple, and complex, and require more time, thought and discussion.

Intra-life regression is also possible. This is the accessing of supressed memories through travelling back in time, (in the mind’s eye) to the source of those memories. Once accessed, in the safe space of the therapy room, memories can begin to lose their negative power over your present life.

Hypnotherapy is a subtle and delicate process.

Sometimes, a joyful, emotional release is achieved. This is catharsis. Perhaps, tears are shed. An emotional burden lifted. You begin to move forwards once more, with a lighter heart.

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