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Psychotherapy at Chorlton Counselling

Psychotherapy is an encounter between two people.

During this encounter, I will help to bring to the surface the reason for your coming to see me in the first place. There will be something deeper than the ostensible reason. There always is.

One of the reasons for the hidden quality of the material is repression. We repress what is most painful to us, what we find hardest to deal with, what we do not, cannot see in ourselves. That which contradicts our world-view and conflicts with our closely-held, personal narratives.

The material may be buried childhood trauma. Or, it could be the overshadowing of life by a dominant relationship, (for example with your father). It could be a hidden character trait – the tendency to quit a job when more responsibility is a possibility; or to destroy a romantic relationship when it becomes more intimate.

Perhaps you believe that work-related stress and an inability to sleep well at night constitute your main issues.

But, if our work is to be successful, unexpected (repressed) aspects to your relationship with your job – and most likely, unforeseen elements in other relationships, outside of the workplace – will emerge, in time.

The work can be painful, repetitive, confusing, “boring”, repetitive – and you will probably feel worse before you feel better. In successful therapy, there can be: enlightenment, empowerment, an easing of life’s burdens and a shedding of some of the weight of the past. Therapy can help you to fare forwards. Therapy can help you to feel differently about the whole of your life.

Is it worth entering into this process, however ambivalent, anxious, sceptical or scared you may be feeling about it?

My belief is that you will enter therapy when you are ready to do so; find the right therapist when looking hard enough.

And therapy will be successful, if the therapeutic relationship between us is able to develop and flourish, over the requisite period of time.

Yes, psychotherapy takes plenty of work, patience, and plenty of time.

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